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Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, Triad Grading, LLC has provided site construction services to clients throughout the southeast since 2004.
Triad Grading LLC

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Triad Grading LLC
Triad Grading, LLC was established in 2004 to provide services to customers on commercial sites, Department of Transportation projects, and subdivision developments.  A primary goal that Triad Grading, LLC has always tried to achieve is to make all project sites “easy” and manageable.  Because we are generally the first contractor on a site to physically start the project, we work hard to set the tone for a safe, clean, schedule driven, and ordered work environment. 

Triad continues these efforts through the completion of the project as part of the project team, being mindful that the main goal is a successful project for all team members.  Whether our projects are performed as a subcontractor to a General Contractor, or directly for the project Owner or Developer, our efforts are directed towards safety, quality, and maintaining the project schedule.  When changes to the original site plan arise, we work jointly with the General Contractor or Owner to solve the challenges in the most cost effective, expeditious manner possible.

The continued relationships that we enjoy with our clients are a testament to the hard work and customer satisfaction oriented efforts that our crews put forth on every project.

our current services

  • Land clearing and demolition
  • Grading and earthwork
  • Curbing and pavement
  • Water and sanitary sewer utilities
  • Storm drainage systems
  • Sediment and erosion control


  • QuikTrip Corporation (Over 45 QuikTrip Convenience Stores)
  • Wal Mart Shopping Centers
  • South Carolina Department of Transportation Roadway Improvement Projects
  • City of Greenville Box Culvert Replacement Projects
  • Cleveland Park Trail and Bridge Improvements
  • Clemson University Life Science Center
  • Greenville County School System Projects
  • Greenville County Legislative Delegation Authority Public Projects
  • Spartanburg County District 5 School System Projects
  • Residential Subdivision Infrastructure Projects
  • Commercial Development Projects

Geographic Area of Work

Triad Grading, LLC offers land clearing, demolition, erosion control, earthwork, retaining wall installation, storm drain installation, site concrete, and utility installation services in South Carolina, and North Carolina.  With our base of operations located in upstate South Carolina, we can very easily manage and perform projects throughout the upstate, as well as serve our clients in Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC, and their surrounding areas.  Our services include:
  • Land Clearing & Demolition
  • Sediment & Erosion Control
  • Earthwork
  • Retaining Walls
  • Storm Drainage Systems
  • Water and Sanitary Sewer Utilities
  • Miscellaneous Concrete (Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter, etc.)

Technology & Resources
The equipment fleet at Triad Grading, LLC includes modern GPS controls to enhance the quality of work.  This technology also inherently expedites the performance of our work on projects.  Operators of our equipment are always aware of where they are located on the project site, as well as what depth of cut or fill is required to get to the proposed grades.  These tools allow us to efficiently plan and perform our work, as well as avoid conflicts with future items of work on the project by others.  Additionally, if plan changes are necessary, we can quickly incorporate the revised plan information on the project so that the necessary changes do not add unnecessary delays to the project schedule. 

The network of vendors, equipment suppliers, and subcontractors that Triad Grading, LLC has compiled over the last decade is instrumental in our ability to solve project challenges.  We can also offer value engineering proposals to our existing and prospective clients.  We take great pride in offering value added solutions to our clients, and we have the ability to draw on our industry partners to accomplish this when the opportunities arise.

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