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Triad Engineering & Surveying, Inc. is a Greenville, South Carolina based firm providing civil-site design and surveying services. Bill Cureton, PLS, opened Triad in 1998 as a traditional surveying firm providing mortgage and property surveys, topographic surveys, and boundary retracement surveys.

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Over the next few years, the company added construction staking to its services.  This new business line led to involvement in several major SCDOT roadway improvement projects, as well as bridge construction projects. 

Bill is now responsible for the day-to-day operations of Triad Grading, LLC, and Brian Norton, PLS heads Triad’s surveying efforts.  Brian has been with Triad for over 15 years and continues our tradition of employing well-trained, dedicated personnel to combine traditional surveying techniques with the most up-to-date technology.  This combination results in both rapid and accurate data collection and a high-quality final deliverable.  Our clients can have full confidence that our surveys will provide a sound basis for their project.

To provide clients with more complete site development services, Triad has established a design engineering department headed by Gary Burgess, PE, PLS.  Although engineering is the newest addition to the Triad organization, Bill, Brian, and Gary have teamed on projects since the late 1990’s.  Just like our surveying department, our engineering team utilizes the latest computer-aided design and modeling programs to develop cost-effective designs meeting our clients’ development objectives. 

While having both surveying and engineering helps Triad provide more complete site development services, we have another tremendous advantage:  in-house construction capability.  Having a construction division does more than simply add the ability to construct the site improvements; it also provides a specialized level of quality control.  Our site designs are reviewed by construction professionals to ensure constructability and identify construction cost saving opportunities.  The combination of engineering, surveying, and construction provides our clients with complete and cost-effective site development services.

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